ON-SITE COMPOSTING WITH BIG HANNA The philosophy behind Big Hanna is very simple - give people a reliable, efficient system to deal with the food waste problem on a localised basis By composting with Big Hanna we are closing the cycle on-site, where we live or work, and are actively contributing to sustainable development. The biological process in Big Hanna is natural and has no impact on the environment. By composting on-site we are creating a resource from our food waste - you will get about 10% back in compost. This is an investment in the environment that will pay off. For 20 years Big Hanna’s have been installed all over the world. Most of the machines are in Europe in housing estates, tenants associations, prisons, schools, hotels, conference centres and mountain lodges. You can also find Big Hanna around the Arctic and Antarctic circles, military camps, The Eden Project, Government institutions and in many schools in Sweden, England, Norway, France and Canada. 100 kg food waste + sawdust The solid food waste is fed into the composter together with 10-20 weight-% of sawdust Big Hanna composter The biological process in the Big Hanna composter reduces the food waste itself by up to 90%. 10 kg compost + sawdust The result – peat free, environmentally friendly compost – 100 kg of food waste including the sawdust generates about 20-30 kg compost.








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